SoulManager changes hands

February 22, 2009

Due to an increasingly busy first life, I’ve reached the decision to wrap things up in SL – at least when it comes to running my own sim and business(es). All residents were informed and got the chance to take over the existing sim, but they too were in the ” a real busy first life” mode so no one did.

As this post is being written, transfer tickets are in the queue to complete the sale of the sim to another SL resident of whom I’m not gonna write the name here. Not because I consider that private, but because I don’t know whether they want it to be posted here.

It’s been a very nice and fun experience in SL and being a sim owner – I’ve met tons of interesting people and think I’ve changed some of their lives for the better. Thank you, dear residents, thank you for everything. I’ll miss being your friend and landlord, but you can be sure I’ll pop in every now and then to see how everyone is doing ­čÖé


Updates and new shop

August 19, 2008

I just finished updating the Zyngo’s at the SoulManager sim, so everyone can enjoy them once again, and I know quite some people pop over to play ­čÖé

A couple of people that I had sort of lost track off reemerged when they contacted me about moving their business to the sim. They got tired of the mainland spammers, annoying people and general unpleasantness that is all to often part of unregulated zones. Hence, the AuroraBorealis shop of Marcoh Larssen and Rebecca Kaminski can now be found at SoulManager. Welcome to the sim!

If you are into creating, building or decorating, make sure you come take a look at their useful scripts, building aids, prefabs or textures. You’ll be impressed by the quality and choice, but even more so by the reasonable price…

June 2008 update

June 1, 2008

The lack of updates is mostly due to the way we approach our virtual life. Real Life always comes first, and the virtual world is like a night out on the town, something you don’t do 24/7. Residents keep on expanding and adding on land, so the whole process comes naturally and feels just right. We could also opt for an aggressive campaign to sell as much land as possible, but the excellent atmosphere and enjoyment everyone gets from the current approach could get lost, and frankly, that’s way more worth to me than a couple of extra L$, any day.

Make sure to come check out Calilla’s brand new – modern and sleek – shop. She’s done a great job on it already – design as well as prim wise – and it shows the dedication she puts in all her creations. You can find Giftable Creations on the corner of the sim :

Kon Ban Wa (good evening)

April 25, 2008

While various forum posts and promotions I had running for a couple of days were not so successful, mouth to mouth promotion and resident referrals are hitting an all time high. That only confirms my theory that marketing is one thing, but actually doing it in world is another. I run a sim, but I run it for and with the residents on it. If I break even or run a small profit, cool, but even more important to me is people having a good time, and so far it seems to the case.

sanji Aeon and lovedoll Ellils are the two new residents on the sim and they’re Japanese. Welcome to the international community that the SoulManager sim hosts I’d say. I’ve seen a part of the plan for development from sanji, and I’m impressed. It’ll look quite fantastic once he’s done ­čÖé

SoulManager to display Gina Glimmer’s Tunick Art soon

April 15, 2008

After reading the article “a good cause can be hard to find” about photographer Gina Glimmer and her struggle to find a non-profit that would be willing to accept the donations her auction was to generate, I got in contact with Gina and had a couple of conversations with her. She struck me as a awesome woman, who was also distressed by the fact that auctioning art and donating to charity could be so difficult. After talking with her and seeing the artwork itself, I decided to participate in the auction.

Even though there were only very few people donating, I had put a certain figure in my mind and pledged that to the cause, no matter what. Due to circumstances, Gina had to cut the auction short by 1 day and I was declared top donator even before I realized it. That however resulted in not being able to donate as much as I had hoped. So now I’m in the process of contacting the Nonprofit Commons administrator, to make sure I can send them the rest of the planned donation.

The Tunick art/photo’s will be available for all the public to enjoy at the SoulManager sim as soon as I finish creating a worthy display for them. Remember that a little charity never hurt anyone and that restriction on art is a restriction on life itself. I’ll post the SLURL to the correct location later.

Mega Land Sale

April 13, 2008

I want all of the sim occupied today. Therefore several nice tropical lots have been assigned a new price, so act quickly as these won’t last long :

– 3072sqm with 773 prims (=10% extra) : L$6,144. Monthly Tier : L$6,150 (two lots available)

– 4096sqm with 1031 prims (=10% extra) : L$8,192. Monthly Tier : L$8,200 (two lots available)

Depending on demand, one more 4096sqm lot may be sold at the same rate, but that’ll be decided upon in a couple of hours.

What does the sim offer? Support in English, Dutch, French and a bit of German. Nice tropical setting, with relaxed yet balanced covenant. Sim is voice enabled! Come take a look!

Cove – Ditch – Bump

April 11, 2008

I┬á just finished talking to Karena Karas – she was asleep earlier, not ignoring me – about the sponsorship for the Karas Cove : Survive game. She claims that the players backed out as their partners were eliminated from the game, basically leaving no one and thus having to shut the game down early. The prize money of L$ 20,000 was distributed to the few players that were left. When it comes to the sponsorship deal, she says : “No players = no traffic”.

While that is a fair assumption to make, here is mine : “if I sponsor a game expecting (and being promised) a ton of traffic during the month of April, and I get some extra traffic for a day or two, I feel very tricked”. Also a very fair assumption to make.

Anyway, Karena blames Kiana for racking up extra sponsors while the grand prize was covered for, while Kiana blames Karensa for shutting down the game early. I don’t want to know who’s right and who’s wrong. The truth – probably – lays somewhere in the middle.

The cost to learn that some things just don’t work out, that partnerships are easily broken, that communication is essential and not everyone is as professional as they claim to be is L$5,000. At least for me. Several other sponsors were involved and while I was able to track some down, I doubt all of them already know what’s gone wrong. I’ve contacted the original author of the article on SLNN as well, giving her an update. She may be following up on it, depending on what their editor says.

The press that Karensa Karas and Kiana Writer are getting now may not be the kind they were hoping for, and while I understand that not everything can be controlled, I think that pointing out flaws and unfulfilled expectations is equally important.┬á That way others don’t have to learn the same lesson I just got, nor do they have to pay in cash for it.

Note : Let it be clear that I’m not able nor willing to point the finger at one person in particular. I signed up for the sponsorship deal with Kiana Writer, and Karensa Karas was running the game. I had talked to them both (briefly) before the game started. I also talked to both after the whole game was ended early and I found out about their part of the deal not being honored.┬á I’ll be steering clear of the both of them, that’s for sure.

Karas Cove? Missing in action!

April 11, 2008

Here’s a quick update on the Karas Cove : Survive game that I was sponsoring. When I visited Karas Cove today, I ended up at some sky garden. No Survive game to be seen anywhere. When I was able to teleport down to group level, I noticed some small islands and something that could resemble a maze. Inside was Karensa Karas, the sim owner and game developer (along with Kiana Writer). When I landed next to Karensa and typed in public chat, I was ignored, either because she was AFK and using some anti-idle script, or because she didn’t want to talk to me, I don’t know.

About a minute or two later, Kiana Writer pops in world and I contact her about the game seemingly being gone. I get a reply that she and Karensa no longer work together and that I should contact Karensa Karas regarding all sponsorship deals. We chat a little longer and I point out that I sponsored the game because I was under the impression that it would run once (for the L$20,000 prize) and then be accessible to all residents later. I don’t pay L$5,000 for two or three days of advertising in a virtual game in a virtual world.

I left Karensa an IM and notecard. In the mean time I’ve contacted two other people I believe were sponsors, and I sent an IM to the original SLNN author for the article about Karas Cove. So much for promoting the sim and virtualSecond I suppose. When searching for “Karas Cove” my initial blog post turns up first. I found a couple of small posts in forums from Karensa in regards to the game starting April 1st, 2008 but there are no updates to be found. The Karas Cove group – used for the game – is gone too and everyone was kicked out some sources told me.

Updates will follow as things happen.

Routing problems to SL/inSL/Second Life┬«

April 5, 2008

With the Second Life┬« grid being closed – routing issues anyone? – I’m releasing some info that I could (or should) have posted long time ago, but didn’t get to, lol. Nothing major or shocking, believe me, so if you just moved to the edge of your seat, relax and sit back again.

In issue 66 of The AvaStar some words and photographs taken by yours truly made it to page 15, where the Concierge Party is mentioned. First time I got my name into an SL® publication as far as I know. Check out their archive to find the specific issue, or any other back issue. You can always pick up the newest weekly issue in world using the kiosk at SoulManager.

In the past week I’ve been able to help an in world acquaintance who was looking to sell their sim. As they had little experience on how to proceed with things, I made contact with my network and was able to bring a buyer to the seller within 72 hours, and an agreement for the sale has been reached. I’m not a party in the sale itself, but acted as an intermediary. If you are looking for contacts, buyers, sellers or investors or have questions on how to best proceed with certain things you’re not familiar with (such as sim sales for instance) feel free to contact me in world and I’ll either help you out myself, get the answer you need or tell you whom to talk to. I don’t mind putting my network to use ­čśë

PS : Even after reading the Linden Lab brand policy several times, it confuses the hell out of me and writing inSL or something like that is just plain weird. I’m blogging about Second Life┬«, I operate in Second Life┬« and that’s how I’ll refer to it. If I’d be talking about a new “Mercedes”, I wouldn’t call it “Car” or “autoMercedes”, would I?

Ready for lift off!

March 31, 2008

Kiana Writer and Karensa Karas were just on the sim about an hour ago to plant the object that “Survive! Karas Cove” players could use while surviving on the island. In addition to that, I’ve planted three new Easter Eggs on the sim, this time at other locations so the egg hunters can keep busy as well.

Yes, there’s always something going on at SoulManager ­čÖé